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quick bit to share..

May 2nd through the 9th I'll be in Vienna (well, actually 3rd with that day lost flying). I guess anyone who's actually read this knows it's kind of a big deal. and i'm nervous and excited. guess i have a couple months to get used to the idea.
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That is so awesome. I'm sure the trip will go just fine! I'm jealous.
yeah, i'm pretty stoked.
You're such a dork. I love you.

Gimme a call, I'm sure you're dying to talk about it :P Talked to R about it, yet?

i actually left you a big rambly voice mail already while i was outside smoking. lol. i emailed him the dates, but he probably won't see it until tomorrow. his email today was cute. i'm a dork for saving that shit if for nothing else.
Yeah... I got the message... very funny. You'll be amused to know you almost made me pee myself when you called... I'd forgotten my phone was in my pocket and was in the middle of a psyc midterm when you called.

I literally jumped in my seat... thank god it was on vibrate.

midterms? does that mean you get spring break soon?
2nd week of April... one guess where I'm spending it :P
in an isolation tank being hurriedly carried through fields of wheat by seven sturdy steeds and a caravan driver with a barbituate problem?

hmm... or maybe LA. Damn, why did I waste my only guess on that first one. I really need to think things through more.

My favorite part is that you even guessed the barbituate problem portion of my planned vacation. You see... that's how I'm traveling to L.A.

absolutely f'ing fabulous, darling! yay!
much with the yay! thanks. =)
Hey sexy.. hope you enjoyed Vienna ;-)
haven't gone yet. may 2nd. can't wait. how's things with you?