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"it's gonna be a happy new year"

things are looking up. new apartment, new computer (still need to transfer my dsl line), lots of really positive changes. i've even been waking up really easily in the morning and getting flirted with at the bar... though my friends are kind of dicks. lol. one of my friends pulled me away from some guy because he thought i needed saving. i thought it was kinda rude, but then again considering he could toss me around no problem i didn't get much choice in it. funny how much of a difference being in a different place mentally makes.

this year has been a hard year, but it's quickly fading into the background and the next year looks like it's gonna be pretty awesome (so i'm a month premature... does that count as premature speculation?)

and for some reason the eurythmics are in my head. i used to listen to their greatest hits cd a lot. One of those 'this song has nothing to do with this post' type lyrics, but it's in my head.

"Thorn in my side.
You know that's all you'll ever be.
So don't think you know better
'Cause that's what you mean to me...
I was feeling complicated.
I was feeling low.
Now everytime I think of you
I shiver to the bone..."
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