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that whole bar thing...

lol. aww. i met a cute guy on friday night... well, i was a little intoxicated. enough that i was hmm... well, i'll leave it at very friendly without the tequila bit, but then he got up to go to the bar and one of my friends tried to talk to him and *gasp* touched him. he told my friend more or less that he was too good for my friend to have touched him and was a dick. i think julie was ready to beat his ass or throw a glass at him, so i just avoided after that.

i never understand that whole mentality. and no, i haven't always been an angel to random strangers at a bar, but the idea in some people that they're somehow above or better than other people makes no sense. that and being a dick just makes you ugly no matter how pretty you think you are. gah.

looked at an awesome apartment with a friend... might have more news on that shortly, but there's complications to it that will hopefully get resolved soon... though that does mean i could wind up living in the castro again... and that's just.. well... trouble.

ah, well. off to work out.



"consent is all i need
to bring out the savage in me.
your scent is all i need
to bring out the animal in me."
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what bars do you normally go to? what's your fave, least fave? just curious.
usually if i go out it's to the cafe. they have 2 pool tables, a smoking area and i know most of the regulars. i guess that makes it fall into if not my favorite than definitely my preferred hangout. least favorit i'm not sure on? the glass coffin maybe?
yeah, I have a hard time picturing you fitting in at the Glass Coffin.
it has a cute setup. generally i need decent music and the option to dance even if i don't. the concept of just sitting at a bar was always a little odd to me.
Does this mean the computer is back? I think I missed a lot on Friday night. There seems to have been lots of excitement that I didn't even see. Oh well. Guess I'll be glad to have escaped the drama.
nah, no real drama, least not on my part. hmm, seems everyone i met over the weekend was kind of on the freak side.

and yeah, the computer is back (for now though it did crash once already).