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Phone Post

cuz i just couldn't resist.

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(no transcription available)
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I love your voice...

Just more to add to the list. :)

Love ya

Big Squishes
aww. thanks. :)

*squishes* happy friday.
I was boycotting the last talking post thing, but then this one popped up and I didn't really care, but I saw that you had made one, so I tried to listen to it, only to discover that I had to download a new audio program to listen to files in that format. Figuring that I would likely end up seeing more of these and wanting to listen, I went ahead and downloaded the program, which at first didn't work so I downloaded it again, and still the icon came up and disappeared without doing anything. At last I decided I would have to read the "read me," which, by the way, I hate reading. After going through a bunch of information I had already read on the website, I found the piece I had been looking for. As it turns out, you can't just run the program without transferring it from a temporary file onto a certain spot in your harddrive, which of course I couldn't find, because for some strange reason it's the only folder that escaped the alphabet and sat far away from where it ought to. Ultimately, after about 15 minutes of wasted time with this new audio program, that I will only use for these lj phone posts, I managed to get it to work, only to discover that the post is 3 seconds long. In liu of my furious rage against you right now, I posted this exceptionally long comment, describing my plight, to steal back just a little of the time that withered away whilst I downloaded. Feel my wrath!!!


and I have a new icon. Beware the Boababs.
hee hee. i was at work and my cell reception sucks there, so yeah it was short. but look, you've now expanded you computer capabilities thanks to me =)

cute... but like sex... it's better to make it last longer.
well, come on over. i could play all night. *g* phone thing was on my cell from work and the reception in the hospital is lousy so i had to be quick so it didn't disconnect.