Crickett's Journey (sfennui) wrote,
Crickett's Journey

guess i should update this thing

been a few days and nothing really newsworthy or noteworthy floating around my little head. well, actually there's quiet a bit floating around my little head but it's mostly recycled and reused and i've been all of those places before, so now i'm just waiting to stand up on my hill looking out over the city and wondering what the people are doing tonight.

my computer is back in the shop, so in a day or 2 i get to try again and see how long it can hold on to it's little electric ghost before giving it up. hard to type with fingers crossed this way, but i'll work it out i imagine.

guess with the holiday yesterday and the weekend without the net i've missed most of what everyone's been up to. hope all is well. props to prezrobert on the new icon. that's just yummy. and big hugs to redarius mostly cuz i honestly don't know what to say or what the heads going through.... haven't even read the entries on it, but you know how fast the word of mouth goes. one queer opens wide and things just start to spread, but hey, you'll definitely be in my thoughts.

and now it's back to work, nose to the grindstone with no real grinding to do. hope today bounces speedily along.
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