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don't let the door hit ya on the way out...

lol. one of my coworkers just told me i should move to LA after a debate about politics. i know i'm a little out of my environment in that i don't think Willie Brown was such a bad mayor for San Francisco, and as the current elections go I think a conservative (can't believe i typed liberal when i first saved this. ack!) candidate is good for this city. San Francisco is so uber-liberal already and balance is nice. A city should grow and not stagnate because your dog had a favorite tree he liked to pee on that got cut down to make room for office space. okay, so it was more about artist spaces. i'm all for them having it, but apparently at one point the city was making the money to justify the construction and development which comes back to the city in terms of revenue and growth.

he wound up making some random argument about the idea of commercialization costing us green and parks and i asked what parks we've gotten rid of? then got told to move to LA when he couldn't think of any park or real land that had been lost as a result. i can't help thinking that San Francisco could get sketchy really quick with an overly liberal government.

But then it is politics. Guess everyone has their own $0.02 and at the local level i don't follow the issues all that much, especially as i've been pretty content with the city the way it is, or at least through whatever blinders i have on to make it glow in the pretty colors i believe it to be? i'm certainly not about to vote for someone just because they're a liberal (and in truth i'm not voting today, which i'm getting shit for, but it'll wind up being a run-off next month regardless i think given the opinion polls. and if not, i'll be content with the leading contender.)

As for the props, I'm honestly torn on a bunch of them and wouldn't really know which way to vote. Does it really help to make panhandling illegal in certain areas? Raising minimum wage is a great idea, but will it cost you businesses? But then isn't it right for the city to work towards a living wage for it's residents or to at least find a way to lower housing costs. A happy medium should exist somehow, but I'm not really comfortable on voting for or against.

Anyway, random thoughts on a cold november day.

"I am king of all I see, my kingdom for a voice
Old man don't lay so still, you're not yet young
There's time to teach, point to point
Point observation, children carry reservations
Standing on the shoulders of giants leaves me cold"
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