Crickett's Journey (sfennui) wrote,
Crickett's Journey

"tell the northern lights to keep shining"

i had a longish entry but lj ate it. bastards. so i think this is going to be the abbreviated version.

Halloween was messy. Between old people trying to pinch my nipples, a drag queen kissing me (lipstick everywhere... who lets these amateurs out for the night anyway? *g*), and some random friend trying to take me home out of the blue, it was in the true spirit of the holiday, frightening. i did get a nice 'wow' when i took off my hoody and just had on a tight little green shirt and a nice compliment from the guy rubbing on my legs... who are these people?

Random comment of the weekend:
Him: "I need a jimmy hug"
(after about 20 seconds of being hugged, rocked back and forth and unreleased..."
Me: "Alright, time's up. I just can't do physical contact for any longer than that without more alcohol in me."

Saturday was cool. Hung out with Jeremy, untitled42 for most of the night while he caught me up on the goings on in the x-men universe and then went back to watch tv cuz i wanted cartoons. by the time anything worthwhile was on, i was out. i had hit the point while trying to watch justice league that i was really trying to stay awake, but my eyes just kept working against me and shutting. I think it was the most time we've actually hung out one on one all year. Made for a cool night.

Sunday was a long conversation with my dad and a lot of reflections on the past which i'm not going to go into in an entry i don't think. Definitely put me in a weird space for a little bit.

And today had me running around the floors to get a morgue pack which included a body bag. yuck. One of those 'i don't want to work at a hospital' days. I'm still trying to coordinate the death certificate thing between the doctor and the funeral home. 2 more hours and i can go home. Yay for that.

Hope everyone had a great weekend/halloween since my comments will be absent from most of those entries. Still no computer at home and too hard to backtrack through several days worth of entries.
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I was bummed about Halloween due to only 3 trick or treaters. R carved me a great pumpkin though. Then on Sat night, we went to this hors d'ouerves and drinks thing and everyone was spaztic about my hair asking if it was a Halloween thing, I simply looked at them and said "Nope, I just like it - been this way for six weeks." The hostess of the party, I've known since I was like 5 and she says "well she's always done her own thing, huh?" Now that shit was great! haha closeminded people crack me up!
aww. i miss trick or treaters. fun to see all the kids dressed up. been a while since i've been in a neighborhood where they do it.