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just cuz i'm a little suprised.. for those in the city

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The "two id's" thing has been going on for decades. Badlands and the Midnight Sun are both notorious for it.

IMHO, as a person of color, it depends on who is at the door. My hunch is its more of an individual "doorperson" thing, than bar policy.

I have only been asked for two ID's at the midnight sun.

It sucks but those things happen, that's life.
still seems kinda fucked up. how do you react when asked for 2 ID's? Do you actually carry 2?
how do you react when asked for 2 ID's?

It only happaned once, and I laughed at the guy. Luckily my buddies were with me and they came to my defense. As he had let them in before me.

The guy just waved me through rather than cause a scene and I blew it off, wasn't worth the stress.

that icon is sexy
lol. um, thanks.
I love an miss you cricket
me too, baby. hope NY is being good to you.
Where have you been, Mr? :)
here and there. *g* i actually don't use this lj much any more. everything switched over to 3appleshigh. how you be?
ello, just wanted to say HI ^^
hi hi. how you doing?
Dude, these userpics are just adorable.
thanks. i transferred them over now that i have more room again.
Hey you! I was going through my friend's list, and just noticed that I haven't heard anything from you in over A YEAR or so. How are you? Are you still on livejournal? Would love to hear from you!